My name is Tylar Weber. I am a freelance writer, photographer, and a communications specialist. Linvilla Orchards became the topic of my trans-media story because it is a beautiful place for people of all ages. The orchardĀ is located in Media, Pennsylvania.

I spent many hours there completing this page. Linvilla is one of my favorite places to go, so I took advantage and visited eight or nine times. Before my first visit, I called and emailed to confirm permission to gather information for my story.

One my first visit, I surveyed the property and took field notes. Jotting notes, I recorded how things looked inside the farm market and the garden center and outside, walking the land. During other visits, I wrote about the customers, how they interacted with each other, the produces provided at Linvilla, and the employees. Each jotting took between 30 minutes to an hour.

I interviewed two of Linvilla’s employees and one of the four co-owners. Susan Jochaum Linvill’s interview was 15 minutes long and inspired the alphabetic text while Norman Schultz’s was used as the audio piece. Norm is the farm manager at Linvilla Orchards. He told me about himself and the history of Linvilla Orchards as well as its previous owner, Paul Linvill. The interview lasted around 45 minutes.

The third interview was turned into an insightful look around Linvilla Orchards’ Garden Center. Walking around the garden center, I filmed for about 7 minutes, zig zagging around the wooden tables where the multi-colored flowers and plants sat while the flower caretaker, Marcia Spoor, described her job and knowledge of each plant.

During two separate visits, I took a DSLR camera and explored the property, inside the buildings and out. Each photography journey lasted between 30-45 minutes. The photo slider at the end of the story was created with my photo findings.

Linvilla Orchards is an incredible place with extraordinary people. It has an interesting history, a thriving present, and a bright future. Click the “Linvilla’s Story” link to read, listen, and see all about it if you haven’t already.